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"I have found reason through ReStart to start a new life."

"ReStart saved my life by giving me and my children our housing and help."

"ReStart has helped me take responsibility and find the right direction to rebuild my life."


Our Client Success Stories

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Adams' Success Story

Adam first came to ReStart in January 2009. He was homeless and living on the streets. Originally from New Orleans, he was one of thousands who were displaced as a result of Hurricane Katrina. On top of being chronically homeless, Adam has a disabling mental health condition. He stayed in the shelter and spent his days in the mental health support services day center. In order to obtain permanent housing, Adam worked hard to get his medication stabilized. He was placed in a supportive housing program in May 2009.

He has since connected with Vocational Rehabilitation and has obtained full-time employment at a bank working in the call center. He is earning $10 an hour and has been employed for over five months.

Additionally, he has remained clean and sober since January 2009. He continues to do well in housing and works hard towards meeting his goals. This is just one of the success stories that makes ReStart invaluable to its clients and the community.

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